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Welcome to the Deer, Elk & Reindeer Farmers’ Information Network. Online since February 1998, this Deerfarmer website is the leading source of information for those interested in raising deer, elk and reindeer.

In this latest version of Deerfarmer, we have consolidated several older websites, updated the information / links and the upgraded the underlying core CMS software. We have kept the design simple and flexible so as to better meet the needs of the latest browsers. With a fluid width design, the website works well with mobile devices such as the iPad and computer tablets.

The Deerfarmer website is divided into five major sections – Forums, Classifieds, Library, Venison and About Us. The Discussion Forum software has been upgraded and expanded to include more forums and additional features. In the Library, you will find 137 articles on deer, elk and reindeer farming that we have written and collected over the past 15 years. The Library also includes the archived editions of the Deer Digest newsletter that was published for several years. Finally, in the Library you will find a Links sections with website links to cervid associations, general information and farming / ranching suppliers and vendors.

In the Venison section we have tips on cooking venison, and some 50 delicious recipes including steaks, roasts, meatballs, soups and sauces. Also we have a Resources section where you can find more information about venison, and a selected list of vendors where you can purchase fresh or frozen farm-raised venison meat.

The final section of this website provides some information about us. This includes the history of Deerfarmer, some background information about Steppingstones Partnership, Inc, our Privacy Policy and a contact form to reach us. We have also included a Search function where you can search all the extensive content we have on this website.

This website can be reached using:

Deerfarmer.org | Deerfarmer.com | Elkfarmer.com | Reindeerfarmer.com

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